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Shipping Container Homes Photos

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Shipping Container Home Design has one of the largest home and office construction has become a global trend.

Since 2005, container began in many news in the U.S., Canada, UK, Netherlands, China seem to
Australia, New Zealand and large parts of Europe. Shipping and container has been very popular not only for home environments,
but also for offices, hotels, student housing, a safe room and shelter.

Lemon soda
The original interest began when the world recognized that containers are stacked up in the ports of all major
City in the world. In the United States alone, the estimate was nearly 1 million in 2005. After much publicity and interest
the total in the U.S. will fall to around 500,000 by the end of 2007. Similar declines were seen in
many other countries.

It is known that the rapid growth of production in China and the global thirst for the practice of land cheaper,
High-tech products from China has given the world to happier consumers and lower prices, but the side effect has
were one-way shipping of all containers to bring the products from China.

Through the efforts of many designers, builders and eco-organizations, the surplus of containers from China
greatly reduced. The result of two years, the public und consciousness has built angeregteinen growing trend to flats
Offices and residences with the base of the standard containers Shipping. A large part of my statistics and information have
come from the LA Port Authority, ISBU Association International, Bob Vila, and the Green Mechanical Council, one of the
of the main organizers of the Ecobuild America. The exposure of the problem, combined with the incredible power and ease of
Shipping container-based design has really the problem in one of the world’s fastest-growing trends in building.
… Lemons lemonade.

The trend toward early
The first person who is grateful for the shipping container revolution, a man named Malcolm McLean, who in 1956, changed
the world through the invention of the first transport concept, which brought not only the cost of loading and unloading down
90%, it also accelerates the loading of a ship, from days to a few hours.

There was much resistance to change from the Dock Worker’s unions and shipping companies. The longshoremen
many employees would have to dismiss, and shipping companies must change their ships to accommodate the new item
called containers.

It was not until the mid-1970s that the world’s container on every ship has become standard. The U.S. military began anspruchsvolle
them for their shipments and supplies worldwide, and its success was so great, the shipping lines had keineOption.
Thus, the ISO shipping container was fully born, legitimate and standardized, as we see it now. Fill it in factories;
Truck it to the ship; upload 5-10 containers, unloaded in the port of destination; load to another truck or rail car, then off load
in a camp in your area.

Although the official name is ISO transport, so it is also a conex box by the military, container, and also
Container. No matter what it was called, it is now the same size and ISO specifications worldwide.

The Strongest Box In The World
So what is this incredible box, the wind, rain, salt, typhoons, extreme weight covered faces, and face for years?

The common ISO-Container-Express is 20 ‘or 40’ long, 8 “wide and 8’6” tall. The larger version, called HQ, which means
a high cube (HQ) is the same size, but 1 foot higher. 20x8x9’6 “or 40x8x9’6 —
A special steel called · more Corten steel, which will not rust or corrode
· Mold resistant
· The Corten steel is used internally and externally, and is also stronger than normal steel
Produced · A 1.24 “hardwood plywood floor. Either teak, birch, laminates or KerUING tons of internal load reserve
· Extremely adaptable to the most efficient Eco Insulation

For many reasons, it is the strongest mobile or stationary structure in the world built to withstand typhoons, tornadoes,

School, office, apartment, dorm, closet, emergency shelters. … where would you prefer in a storm, hurricane or
Earthquake? I think in an area of strong Corten steel made ….

ISBU construction modules
Now we have a perfect field that is strong and virtually no rust – what else can we do?

Almost everyone who has seen, or in a shipping container has been thought, wow, and ready to go home. If not for a moment
Home, then a second warehouse, or a shelter.

For many years, the shipping container cabinet manufacturing was used beginning with the military and construction
Companies. Soon there will also be modified, and as small workshops, refrigerators, is then used offices, and later employee
Huts. But if the shipping container is no longer used for navigation, the name. If it is used for all other
Purpose other than transportation, the name for the ISO Shipping Container ISBU. If you build a
Transport is a container ISBU; short for Intermodal Steel Building Unit. … yes, in fact they are so popular now they are
often purchased directly from the factory just for the purpose of construction, plus shipping. Construction module
known as a ISBU most people in the building constKrawall trade.

So what we can with this ISBU Do?
The ISBU transport became popular in Europe, UK, Australia, China and the United States since 2005 or even earlier.

In Amsterdam and the UK were the ISBU transport popular student housing units and apartments
since 2005. Around the same time in the U.S., people like Adam Kalkin, Peter De Maria, and the lo-tek Company
New York began with the container shipping companies in the contemporary art homes. The houses looked like container,
but were in a very fashionable, that was designed to appeal to many.

In mid-2006 by David Cross SG block was built by Bob Vila and featured on many news programs, because his company
The first conventional looking for a home for government project in St. Petersburg, Florida, and made headlines because
He uses the new ceramic insulating paint technology from NASA as the insulation. … have conventional home, but with
The new Eco-green technologies. David Cross and others have been quick to tidalgt that conventional houses can be built
ISBU using multiple containers for the base-superstructure for safety and durability.

With the founding of the Association ISBU early 2007, the growth of the shipping container construction quality ISBU
has exploded, as promoting the use of other eco-technologies and products with the promotion of ISBU Basisd housing.

ISBU are now more easily adapted to conventional residential and office structures on site and with the growth
Prefab and Modular ISBU new transport companies in the U.S. and more worldwide.

Commercial Uses of shipping containers to explode
Most people only think ISBU containers are suitable for simple housing construction, shelter, and perhaps used
secure storage units. In reality, the use of the container can for the base of the commercial construction as hot or even
hotter than residential construction.

In 2007, some big players were in the news for their use of ISBU container trade. SG block constructed
a very conventional looking prefabricated office building of the U.S. Army began to Travelodge, the first of many new Travelodge Hotels
be built on the prefabricated ISBU container, and Sun Microsystems glasses of business and technology sector
It is BlackBox data center that is self-containsold and can be sent anywhere around the world in hours.

“The world wakes up to the new ISBU trend,” said John Sanders, general manager of ISBU Association International.
“They are no longer used because they are cheap and plentiful, or even be recycled. They are now used to, because
Recognize people, containers are the most powerful, flexible design module in the world.



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